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I'm a stay-at-home mom. I've been studying English, so I'm trying to write my blog in English to improve my English. I would be happy if anyone leaves comment.
Get on it right away

I received the English paper test by mail today. I ran through the test and found it's interesting and beneficial to my English skill. But it's not easy for me. I got to get on it right away. I have to return the test by the end of this month. Although there is still time, my daughter's spring break is coming up next week. So I had better to finish the test during this weekend. I'll do my best!

**** Today's English study ****

1) English Diary
2) Listening                    20min.
3) 受験英語         30min

(step machine  15min)



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Looking for an important document

I'm not organized person. In contrast, my husband is good at organizing his belongings. He neatly arranges his cloths, books and  so on by himself. However he asked me where his important document was. I had no idea where it was. I assumed he'd put it away somewhere in his room.  Since it was really important document, I searched around over 30minutes. But I couldn't find it anywhere. I suspected that he had it in his office or mother-in-law's house which next to my house. But my mother-in-law insisted that she didn't have it. After a while, my mother-in-law came to tell him that she found the document in her house. My husband and I were relieved to hear that.  I said to my husband not to forget where the document was stored.

**** Today's English study ****

1) English Diary
2) Listening                    60min.
3) 徹トレ         15min.

(step machine  15min)


【2008/03/21 23:01】 | Diary | コメント(0) |
I was starving!

My daughter and I had lunch at sushi bar today. Before going there, we dropped by a park next to the sushi bar. Although it was already past noon, I let her play there for a while in order to avoid a rush at the restaurant. We happened to meet my daughter's friend who goes to different kindergarten. It was the first time to meet her in three years. In spite of a long separation, they hit it off together, and was playing happily. While they were playing, I was starving!!! I had breakfast earlier than my daughter. Besides, I try to keep off between-meal snacks to lose weight. So I was terribly hungry.
But my daughter looked so happy with her friend, so I couldn't tell her to finish playing and go to lunch. We ended up having lunch at 3 o'clock. (^^;) I felt the sushi was so good.

**** Today's English study ****

1) English Diary
2) Listening                    60min.

(step machine  15min)


【2008/03/20 23:18】 | Diary | コメント(1) |
I recieved the result of the application review

I received the result of the application review which I'd applied two weeks ago. To my joy, I made it through the first screening. According to the email from the company, I'm supposed to receive English paper tests by mail in few days. That's the final step. 
I'm not sure what the test looks like, but I'll do my best and keep my fingers crossed.

**** Today's English study ****

1) English Diary
2) Listening                    75min.
3)TOEIC                         50min.
4)徹トレ         15min.

(step machine  15min)


【2008/03/19 23:51】 | Diary | コメント(2) |
Go to kindergarten with her lunch

My daughter is supposed to go to kindergarten with lunch today. Since she missed school picnic last week due to the flu, she's really looking forward today's lunch box day.  I asked her to write down what she wanted to eat, and she gave me the handwritten note. It's so lovely with drawings of her favorite foods. I put up it on the refrigerater. That encouraged me a lot to make her lunch. I hope that she'll love today's lunch and show me the empty lunch box with big smile after kindergarten.

**** Today's English study ****

1) English Diary
2) Listening                    70min.
3)TOEIC                       120min.
4)徹トレ         15min.

(step machine  15min)


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日常生活で日本語で考え、話してることが、英語でも言えるように・・・。日本語だと書くことがためらわれるようなささいな日常のひとコマも、英語で言えるかな? そんなことを考えながら、日々の出来事・心のつぶやきを英語で綴っていきます。

Fluent English Speakerをめざして、日々努力中。
「英語ぺらぺら」への道に、近道や即効薬などなし。 毎日コツコツ、ある程度の期間努力するしかない、とこれまでの学習経験から悟りました。 腰をすえてじっくり取り組む覚悟です。

"There's no shortcut to learning English."
"Practice produces results that will never fail you."
"Always be positive and work toward your goal."



TOEIC 870   (2007/5)
英検準一級  (2006/3)
TOEFLiBT 74 (2006/9)





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